Course Description

What You Will Learn

Learn a new way to approach FSBOs and win their loyalty. Learn what it takes to convert FSBO sellers into buy-side clients. Offer FSBOs a service they cannot refuse and watch your business grow.

Every dollar invested in FSBO-Facilitation™ marketing can produce a return of $30-$50.

Better yet, FSBO-Facilitation™ is NEW, and you will be offering clients something unique.

Certified FSBO-Facilitator™ Coach

Michael Lissack

Michael has spent 15+ years in the real estate sector, including experience as a real estate agent/Realtor® (in Florida and Massachusetts) and head of a brokerage technology group. He also founded Market2Buyers, a start-up internet marketing company that helped Realtors® nurture and develop buy-side clients -- and garnered honors as an IT Florida Small Business of the Year.Named by Worth magazine as one of "Wall Street's Smartest Players" and as one of their top 100 Americans who have most influenced “How We Think About Money." Michael shares his secrets for focusing on the buy-side of FSBO relationships. His passion as an instructor will inspire and equip you to successfully grow your business!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    1. The Core Idea

    • The Core Idea

    • Your Value Proposition

    • The Power of Empathy

  • 3

    2. Why FSBOs? Why Now?

    • Why FSBOs? Why Now?

    • How Marketing has Changed

  • 4

    3. The Importance of Respect

    • The Importance of Respect

    • Respect: An Example

    • An Example of How Respect Can Make All the Difference

  • 5

    4. Understanding the Market

    • Understanding the Market

    • How the Market Has Changed

    • Flat Fee MLS Listing vs For Sale by Owner vs Real Estate Agent - What is the difference?

    • 60 Minutes Reports Flat Fee MLS Listing For Sale By Owner

    • How to Use Zillow to Sell Your Real Estate FAST

    • ​Wright Brothers Podcast: Inman Connect - Protect Yourself From New Brokerage & Technology Models​

    • The real estate industry has something the Internet can’t offer: The human element

  • 6

    5. FSBO Research

    • FSBO Research

    • Internet Use in Real Estate Searches

    • The Impact of e-Information on Residential Real Estate Services

    • Do Real Estate Brokers Add Value When Listing Services Are Unbundled?

    • Real Estate Services Structure Evolution

    • The Decision-Making Processes Of Nontraditional Or For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Home Sellers Engaged In The Listing And Sale Of Their Homes

    • Principal-Agent Problems in Search and Bargaining: Evidence from Dual Agency in Residential Real Estate Transactions

    • Who is Misleading Whom in Real Estate Transactions?

    • Residential Real Estate Data on the Internet: Benefits and Limitations

    • The Impact of Broker Vernacular in Residential Real Estate

    • The Relative Performance of Real Estate Marketing Platforms: MLS versus

    • What added value do estate agents offer compared to FSBO transactions?

    • Market Distortions When Agents Are Better Informed: The Value Of Information In Real Estate Transactions

    • For Sale by Owner Online: Who Gets the Saved Commission?

    • Residential Brokerage in Hot and Cold Markets

    • Do Laws Influence the Cost of Real Estate Brokerage Services?

    • Textual Analysis In Real Estate

    • Redefining Access: Uses And Roles Of Information And Communication Technologies In The US Residential Real Estate Industry From 1995 To 2005

    • Digital Assemblages: Evidence and Theorizing From the Computerization of the US Residential Real Estate Industry

    • Competing by Restricting Choice: The Case of Search Platforms

    • Why Do Real Estate Agents Buy Houses at Lower Prices? Cherry Picking or Bargaining Power

    • Real Estate Liquidity

    • Seller Driven Real Estate Commerce (A Patent)

    • House Prices and Time-till-sale in Windsor

    • On the Relationship Between Property Price, Time-on-Market, and Photo Depictions in a Multiple Listing Service

    • The Impact of a Multiple Listing Service

  • 7

    6. Relationship Marketing

  • 8

    7. Your Pitch to FSBOs

    • Your Pitch to FSBOs

    • Kevin Ward's FSBO Script and Why It Works Versus BS Scripts

    • Message Map: How To Pitch Anything In 15 Seconds

  • 9

    8. The How To's

    • The How To's

    • Zillow

    • Trulia

    • Landvoice

    • TheRedX

    • Finding Zip Codes and Property Owner Names

    • Mail Merge

  • 10

    9. Resources

    • Resources

    • Letter 1

    • FSBO Safety Handout

    • Money on the Table Handout


    • Letter 2

    • Is Your Home Ready? Handout

    • Letter 3

    • Before an Open House Handout

    • Staging Handout


    • Give Them What They Want

    • Do Not Underestimate FSBOs

    • List of Potential Services

    • Compile a Preferred Service Providers Referral Network

    • Telephone Tactics for Making a Great First Impression

    • The Secret Sauce

    • Attorney Referral Letter

    • IRS Form 1099

  • 11

    10. Follow-Ups

    • Follow-Ups

    • The Importance of Followup

    • The Money Is In The Follow UP -- Real Estate

    • Using Software to Manage Follow-Up

    • Introduction to CRM Software

    • Introduction to Agile CRM

    • Agile CRM Product Overview (In-Depth)

    • What is Basecamp?

    • Basecamp Project Management Review

    • 5 Key Steps for Turning Leads into Lifetime Clients

  • 12

    11. Get Certified

    • Get Certified

    • The Certified FSBO-Facilitators Pledge

    • A WIN-WIN

    • Call Services


    • Persuasion 1

    • Persuasion 2

    • Persuasion 3

    • Community Input: Advice to Give Your Clients

    • Advice for your clients: Words That Matter in Listing Descriptions

    • Advice for your clients: Getting A Home Truly Ready to be Shown

  • 13

    12. Let's Do This

    • Let's Do This